What To Expect When Meeting With An Agent To List Your House

If you plan to sell your house soon, you should start looking for the right agent to hire for the job. Once you find the right one, you can schedule an in-home meeting with him or her. This meeting is essential for listing a home, but are you wondering what happens at this meeting? If so, here are some of the primary things to expect during this in-home meeting with a real estate agent.

The Agent Will Make Suggestions

One thing you should expect is for the agent to make suggestions to you. There are two main categories of ideas the agent may offer:

  1. Asking price of the property – The agent will spend time researching the value of your home before this visit and will provide recommendations on asking price.
  2. Changes, improvements, and repairs – The other recommendation you should expect involves modifications you may need to make to your home before selling it. The purpose of these tips is to help you sell faster.

While agents will recommend these things, you own the house and can do what you want to do.

The Agent Will Ask You About Your Timeframe and Goals

Next, you can expect the agent to ask you about your goals and timeframe. Are you in a hurry to sell, or do you have time? Why are you moving, and where are you moving to? Your agent may want to know the answers to these questions.

You Can Ask the Agent About the Potential Challenges You May Encounter

You should take the time to ask the agent about the current market and the challenges you may face when selling. The current state of the market may affect the speed at which you sell. Facing challenges with selling a property is typical, but if you know these things, you may be able to make the necessary changes to minimize them.

You Will Sign the Listing Documents

If you're ready, the agent will ask you to sign the listing documents during this visit. If you're not ready to do this yet, you can wait. Signing them now, though, will get the listing started right away and may result in a faster sale.

Selling a home is a big event to go through, and you should choose an agent you feel comfortable working with on this deal. To get started with the listing process, call an agent today.