Purchasing A Condo For Telecommuting: Features To Support Your Work From Home

As telecommuting becomes more popular, it's important to find a home that meets your personal and professional needs. Condos in urban areas can be a great option. This lets you live closer to the office when face time is needed while still giving you the remote working capabilities you need. Here are some features to consider when looking at a condo for your new home purchase.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

Some luxury condo buildings make high-speed Wi-Fi available for their tenants. Even if you prefer to have your own private Wi-Fi setup in your condo, remember that whole-building connections may be vital to your daily needs. You may want to stream music in the building's gym facilities or head down to the lobby to get a bit of work done outside of your home. Be sure to ask about this option and whether or not the building's Wi-Fi contract prevents you from seeking out your own service inside the home. You'll also want to ask about internet speeds to ensure the service supports the amount of data and streaming you need each month.

Coworking Space

While you can manage much of your work from inside the condo, having coworking space inside the building can be a great bonus. This gives you a space to hold meetings with clients and colleagues without inviting them into your home. Ask management in the building about how the coworking space is reserved and which types of amenities are available. Some buildings may not refer to their business centers as coworking spaces, but you may find many buildings offer private conference rooms, print and fax centers, and other essential services for business professionals.

Package Lockers And Mail Service

You may receive a lot of mail or several packages each month for your business, so it's important to make sure these items can be received in your condo building. Luxury condo buildings may offer package lockers that can be used to hold items until you are ready to pick them up. Others may offer larger mailboxes to accommodate bulk mail. Ask about these options before you sign a lease. You may also want to inspect the area where mail is held for residents to make sure it's secure.

Concierge Services

Concierge services in luxury condo buildings can be a great option for professionals working from home. Your building's concierge can sign for packages and deliveries on your behalf, and they can also help arrange dinner reservations for clients. If you travel for work, you may even be able to enlist the concierge when booking hotels and flights. Some concierge services include personal shopping, which means you can have your own personal assistant on busy days in your home office.

When shopping for your new home, be sure to consider all these factors if you telecommute. With the right amenities, your condo can feel more like a home and office combined under one roof. Look for condos for sale in an area you like.