Single Family Home Features To Discuss With A Real Estate Agent When Buying

A real estate agent can help you find the single-family home of your dreams, but they'll only be able to provide help if they know what you want in your next home. As you begin to compare potential homes to buy, discuss these single-family home features that you may or may not want with your real estate agent.

Backyard Pool

Some homebuyers would love to buy a house that has a backyard pool, and several may even plan to install an above-ground or in-ground pool if the home they purchase doesn't already have one. For others, though, a backyard pool is more of an eyesore and maintenance issue than a place that gets used a lot.

If you don't want a backyard pool, make sure your real estate agent knows that. An above-ground pool isn't too hard to get rid of, but your agent can request that any homeseller whose house has such a pool disposes of the pool before closing. An in-ground pool is more difficult to dispose of, and your agent will likely not show you homes that have this kind of pool.

If you do want a backyard pool, mention that the feature would be a nice perk. Your agent may still show you homes that don't have a pool since you can get one installed after closing. They'll note that this is an important feature for you, however, and they'll try to look for a house that does come with a pool.

Home Office

For people who work from home, a home office is often more of a necessity than a luxury. It also can qualify for a tax deduction so long as the space is separated from the rest of a person's house and gets used exclusively for work-related activity. 

If you currently use or could use a home office, make sure your real estate agent knows that the feature is needed. Additionally, specify what size the office has to be and any other features that it needs. Your real estate agent can then keep this requirement in mind as they screen potential homes for you.

Handicapped Facilities

Should one of your family members require handicapped access within the home, detail exactly what assistance items a home will need to be equipped with. Your real estate agent can help you find a home that has those features or where those features can be easily installed.

To learn more, contact a real estate agent about single-family homes for sale.