How Offering A Home Warranty Can Help You Sell Your House

When you initially decide to sell your house, where do you turn? Most people turn to real estate agents because agents help people buy and sell homes. Your agent will assist you through the process of selling your home, and one thing the agent might recommend is offering a home warranty. If you have never heard of this, you might wonder what it is. Here are a few things to know about home warranties and how offering one can help you sell your house.

The Basics of a Home Warranty

A home warranty is something you purchase to give to the buyer of your home. When you do this, the buyer receives a warranty covering the major systems in the house you sold to him or her. The warranty typically covers all the appliances, the water heater, and the furnace. It may provide coverage for other things, too, and it will last for different durations depending on the cost.

If the buyer of your home experiences a problem with a covered item during the year, he or she can call the warranty company to receive discount services for the necessary repairs. Your real estate agent can explain additional details to you if you have questions about how a home warranty works.

The Costs You Incur When Buying One

The average cost of a home warranty is between $300 to $600 per year. The costs depend on the types of items that you include in the warranty. The costs also depend on the ages and conditions of the systems.

The Benefits the Buyer Receives from Getting One

Buyers like getting home warranties when purchasing homes, mainly because they offer protection. The repair services will not cost a lot if the buyer has a problem with an appliance or system. Instead, they will be a lot cheaper than they would be without the warranty. For example, when the buyer needs a repair, he or she may have to pay a small fee for the technician to come to the home. The repairs, however, would be free to the buyer because of the warranty.

If you feel like you need to add an incentive to your listing, you should consider getting a home warranty. Buyers like getting home warranties when purchasing properties, and including one may help you sell your home faster. To learn more about these and other options, talk to a local real estate agent today.