Evaluating A Yard When Buying A House: 3 Things To Do And Know

Many people choose homes to buy based on their location, size, and features. These are essential features to assess when buying a house, but you should never forget to evaluate the yard. Evaluating the yard of a home is vital for several reasons, and here are three things you should do and know about this process when buying a house.

The Condition

Examining the overall condition of a yard is a wise step to take when buying a house. If the yard is finished and in excellent condition, you will not have to invest any money in it. However, if the yard needs work, it may cost you a lot of money to get it in the shape you desire. Making improvements to a yard is costly. If you plan on buying a house that needs a lot of yard work, make sure you figure this in when writing your offer. You will want to have enough money left, after buying the house, to pay for the needed work.

The Size

Secondly, you should assess the size of the yard. Is it big enough, or is it too large? You probably have an idea of what size yard you want with a home, and you can compare your needs to the size of the yard the home offers. If the yard is bigger than you wanted, are you willing to spend extra time each week caring for it?

The Drainage

It is also helpful to assess the drainage in the yard. Are there low spots that may collect water? Does the slope of the yard taper down from the house? If a yard has drainage issues, you may end up with water in your basement or crawlspace or puddling water in your yard.

The Usage

Finally, you may want to ask about covenants in the neighborhood. If the community has covenants, you may have to follow the rules about how you use the yard. You may have limits on what you can put in the yard or how you can use it. Finding these things out before you put in the offer is a wise decision to make when buying a home. The yard matters just as much as the house.

These are four features of yards that you should seriously consider when buying a home. If you have other questions about evaluating a home or the yard, talk to a real estate agent at a company like Ruth Stultz & Co. Real Estate.