The Timeline For Selling A House

One of the top questions people ask their real estate agents when listing homes is "How long will it take to sell this house?" If you need to sell your house, this is probably one of the questions you will ask your agent. While your agent cannot tell you the exact timeframe, they will explain the timeline for selling a house. If you understand the timeline, you might be able to predict an approximate timeframe for selling your home.

Preparing the Home

Step one of selling a house is the preparation stage. Preparing your home is a process that might take a day or much longer. It depends on the condition of your home and what it needs. If your home is immaculate and needs no work at all, you can move on to the next step. If your home needs work, finish the projects before proceeding.

Listing the Home

The next part of selling a house is listing the home. Listing a house does not take long, but it might require a few days. This step requires meeting with a real estate agent in your home. The agent will work on scheduling a photographer to take pictures and videos. The agent will also write a home description for your property, and they will put a sign in the yard. This step takes around one week to complete.

Showing the House

The stage of showing the house can take a day, week, month, or longer. You will need to continue offering showings until you find a person who wants to make an offer on your home. If you want to find a buyer quickly, make sure your home is attractive and priced right. You will sell it faster if you do these things and follow your agent's advice about other things.

Closing on the Sale

The closing process is the lengthiest part of a home sale. This process requires negotiating with the buyer to reach a mutual agreement. Next, each party must complete duties and steps before the lender issues the loan. If you work hard on your part, you might close within one month. In most cases, though, it might take longer than one month.

It might take only one day to find a buyer for your house, but it will likely take at least 30 days to close on it. If you have questions about selling your home, talk to a local real estate agent to learn more.