Real Estate 101: What Is A Designated Broker

Most people are familiar with the buyer's agent and the listing agent because those are the two people they come into contact with when buying or selling a home. There are many more people behind the scenes, however, including the broker.  What is a broker? A broker, sometimes called a designated broker or broker of record, is a licensed real estate agent that also manages an office for a national real estate franchise or owns an independent office.

Buy A Home That Helps You Become Close With Your Neighbors

Buying a single-family home can give you the space you need to start a family. However, you may want to start a long-term relationship with your neighbors along with starting a family. Some properties do not make it easy to get to know your neighbors. For instance, a faraway house from other properties makes it hard to run into your neighbors naturally. You can make it easier to become close with your neighbors by knowing what to demand when buying a house.

Expanding Your Retail Business? Important Points To Discuss With Your Commercial Realtor

While growth is the goal for every business, expanding customer and client bases is sure to present a few challenges, one of the most pressing of which is space. In retail businesses, having sufficient space is critical for creating attractive display options for products, housing extra inventory, maintaining a safe, comfortable working environment for employees, and hosting an enjoyable customer shopping experience.  Because of the particular challenges faced during the expansion of a retail business, it can be beneficial for owners to discuss the following points with their commercial real estate professional well before signing a lease or making a purchase offer on a future business location.

Plan To Work At Home In The Condo You Buy? 3 Tips For An Ideal Outcome

While shopping for a home to buy, you may prioritize the features and qualities that will give everyone who lives there what they want and need. Focusing on the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms is important to do because these spaces can determine your satisfaction in a condo. If you are also going to work at home after moving into a place and you expect to do it for the foreseeable future, you should take your time with choosing a condo.

The Timeline For Selling A House

One of the top questions people ask their real estate agents when listing homes is "How long will it take to sell this house?" If you need to sell your house, this is probably one of the questions you will ask your agent. While your agent cannot tell you the exact timeframe, they will explain the timeline for selling a house. If you understand the timeline, you might be able to predict an approximate timeframe for selling your home.